The Economics of it all ….

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by momtheobscure. Thank you momtheobscure!

The Professor of Economics picnicking below the grand rock of ‘Strong Man’s Cove’ had taken a number of photographs and was studying them while his wife laid out the packed lunch.

W -You seem to be fascinated by the rock, dear.

Prof – Yes, it highlights the basis of modern economy.

W- I do not quite see economics in this sculpture.

Prof- You can see the man toiling ….. that is economic deprivation and exploitation.

W- Oh!

Prof – Further, you can assume this piece of sculpture was funded and out sourced to an artist. You appreciate the class difference between the two ….. do you think they are economically at par.

W- No.

Prof- This piece of land here belongs to the public but has been used to give out a message by the government. It has also been developed as a tourist spot through public-funds probably earmarked for some other purpose. Let us leave early to escape the rush ….. we can continue this on our drive home.

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Ghost town tourism

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PHOTO PROMPT © Mary Shipman

PHOTO PROMPT – © Mary Shipman

Hordes of visitors flock to ghost towns that were once  mining-camps or frontier-boom -towns.  Quasi-theme parks with staged gunfights, trinket shops and cooked up history is the main menu.

Recently a bright marketing executive added ‘the old general store’ to these ghost towns.  A distinct aroma comprising ripe cheese, pickles, kerosene, farm-produce, feed, cured meats, leather, and tobacco smoke was specially prepared to entice the tourist. Barlow knives, Stevens single-shot rifles, Jew’s harps, harmonicas, china-dolls, dresses, glass-beads, and ribbons etc are stored in dark corners. Old catalogues and barrels are strewn around.

The visitors enjoy picking out gifts and souvenirs.

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Graham, author of the blog, grahamisjustmyname. Thank you Graham!

A foreign-correspondent posted to the capital of an iron-curtain country felt lonely and despondent one evening. Looking for some food and a drink he walked down to the hotel-bar.  Music, loud-laughter and his instinct for news led him to the lavish banquet hall. He chose a lone table and sat down to enjoy the birthday celebrations of a minor party official.

Soon he was joined by a lady in early thirties. A few drinks, some snacks, chit chat and it was 11.30 – official time for closing of such places. Both of them wanted a few drinks more and there were no  public places that would be open. The rooms were heavily bugged. So they decided to go for a drive … the foreign-correspondent had a bottle in his car.  After a few drinks down a dark alley they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A passing car woke them and the foreign-correspondent wondered where the secret police is?

In your arms replied a sleepy voice.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods
It is difficult for a failed entrepreneur to get a loan of half a million dollars.  However, Mr Crag thought he had a chance. He had a contract for supply of barbed wire to fence  1100 kms of border with super-strong fence from a sovereign country. It had not been difficult as there was extreme shortage in international market; 65 countries have erected fences on their borders – four times more than 1989 when the Berlin Wall toppled.
Crag smiled – globalization was supposed to tear down barriers.
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Cervantes reinterpreted

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

Don Quixote – the gaunt, middle-aged gentleman who, having gone mad from reading too many books about chivalrous knights set off on an adventure to win honor and glory in the name of his non-existent ladylove. This work has been interpreted in many ways from esoteric to comic.

I always believed that there was a method to Don’s madness. Little is known of Cervantes’ early years. It seems he spent much of his childhood moving from town to town with his family. During this time, he met a young barmaid named Josefina. The couple fell madly in love and plotted to run away together.

In those harsh times the family had to live with insufficient food. His father blamed it on the high milling taxes. Later the renowned author decided to run away with his beloved as he was not ready to submit to mill owner’s right to jus primae noctis.

No wonder he err …. Don fought the windmills.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham

PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham

A student working on his master’s dissertation entitled ‘Esotericism in the work of Sir Francis Bacon’ searched for some old manuscripts in the archives of an ancient church and found this. He deciphered it as the map of New Atlantis.

In his youthful enthusiasm the lad hypothesized that Bacon had used it as template for his famous book.  He demonstrated the mythical island – Bensalem and Solomon’s college etc in the pictographs.

He was wrong.  It is a compendium of all secret societies from ancient-times till date.

The dissertation was rejected but he was offered internship in the Bilderberg group.

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The Princess

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by BarbCT/Knotholes and Textures. Thank you Barb!

Princess Nadiani a fashion icon was inspecting her new heritage hotel and she stumbled. Her aide de camp (ADC) rushed to help her ……… ‘fancy high heels are not really suitable to walk on marble floors; one of those thin fragile straps must have snapped’ he thought.

On a closer inspection the ADC was surprised to find that she was barefoot and the sandal was just painted on her foot. He remembered a photograph he had seen on the net …….. it showed a high heel implant. At that time he had discarded it as another web lie.

Stiletto implants make your feet look just like Barbie's

photo courtesy ~ google images

The Princess appeared to have regained her balance ….. and he followed her silently.

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