The lecture

Ajgar kare na chakri, panchi kare na kaam, Daas Maluka keh gaye sab ke daata raam.
English version ~ A python does not serve, nor do birds work, yet Lord Rama provides them all said Maluka Das. (He provides even for the insects hiding beneath stones).
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Thank you for this week’s prompt Wildverb.
The professor of Political-science was introducing the subject to graduate students. He clicked the remote and a slide was projected on the screen. He described the slide ….
This involves the study of governance – different forms of governments; their policies, the process by which the decisions are made and evaluation of the outcomes.
It is an applied aspect of social sciences which  unravels different type of relationships in a society. It is a complex science. Essentially it is all about meeting the real and felt needs of the society in an equitable and just manner.
Those with a political-science degree can get governments jobs. Large business houses need these skills to predict policy implications and consumers reactions. Non-governmental organizations and charities use it to plan and benefit the needy in their area of focus.
The Professor changed the slide …..
In case, you do not get any work you can always compete with the gulls. It is the best training for achieving your cherished goal by hook or crook.
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Idea and ideal

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The sales VP of a large pharmaceutical company reported a decline in sales to the company board.
‘Please specify the deficiency areas.’ The chairman asked.
Diabetes and high blood-pressure drugs, sir.
Thank Avicenna. This is easily solved.
Who is he?
He was a Persian polymath and diagnosed diseases by abnormal pulse rates. I shall call the chiefs of various related agencies and get them to lower the normal values for blood-sugar and blood-pressure in their diagnostic guidelines.
And the doctors shall not object?
They are caged and gagged.
A million more consuming our drugs regularly will do wonders for us, Sir.
Words ~ 101

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



An umbrella short

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Thank you  Michelle De Angelis for this week’s prompt.

Romy and Juliet were not their real names, however they were a team.

R – Where is your umbrella?

J – It is not functional.

Well! Let’s hope it is not needed.

Yours is all that is needed.

They walk through the Lodhi gardens and finally reach the cross-roads and wait – well hid by a huge Peepal (ficus) tree.


Finally they see the man they had been waiting for – jogging in a greenish black track suit.

Here he comes – I hope you are ready.

Just let him come in range.

Romy points the umbrella towards the man and waits for the perfect range and as he presses the trigger button a crow on the higher branches poos that falls right in his eye.


Only if you had brought your umbrella!

I had forgotten to pack the ricin-pelllets.

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Men in my life

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll
There were three men in my life.
I am 50 years old and in these fifty years I and others like me have transformed 1.7m people living in 34 countries from disabled to differently-abled. Very recently I was exhibited at the UN headquarters.
I was invented by a traditional craftsman Master-Ji* in association with Dr PK Sethi an orthopedic surgeon. Dr Sethi introduced me to the world and won the Ramon-Magsaysay Award.
DR Mehta** visualized my importance when he saw people wait for me during his physiotherapy sessions and ensured increased production for my kind.
I am the Jaipur-foot.
Words ~ 99
PS – Before the invention of Jaipur-foot, artificial limbs were of the solid-ankle-cushion-heel variety, fashioned for wearing shoes and sitting on chairs. It has been universally commended for being the most efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly artificial prosthesis. It costs only $30 in India.
*Pandit Ram Chandra Sharma
**Ex Dy Governor Reserve Bank of India

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



Music and Moksha

Moksha is the transcendent state attained when one overcomes the cycle of birth & rebirth as a result of one’s karma.
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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Ragahav had led a virtuous life. On his 60th birthday, he decided to strive for Moksha. He started looking for a mentor who could guide him on his quest. He met a number of wise men in his search. Finally he was directed to a wise man in a remote Himalayan village.
The man questioned – You wish for Moksha?
Yes sir!
Not possible.
You have no music in your soul. You have to come back a few more times before you qualify for union with the divine.
Words ~ 89

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.

50 years ago

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Thank you Yinglan for this week’s prompt.
Alas! If only ………..
The world could have been a very different place. Hopefully it would have been less crowded, less polluted and rich with extensive natural resources. Moreover there would have been an outpost for our interstellar activities.
Also we could have deported all the lunatics back especially those who suffer from a delusion of grandeur and those having an irrational fear of persecution. They could have been provided special privileges.
Above all, the human race could have fast tracked its technological march to a cosmic Utopia.
If only the Apollo 11 had landed on the far side of the moon (if it truly reached the moon).
Words ~ 107

Thank you Priceless Joy



The ghost

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PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria
Tim had returned from the famous ghost tour of Venice as the sun was rising. He was still wondering about the truth of the fantastic tales he had heard when he espied the barge unloading its ware from the window. He detected a ghostly figure lurching among the crates.
Meanwhile the waiter brought his breakfast ….
Tim addressed the waiter – Come here and tell me if you can see the ghost among the crates on that barge?
The waiter smiled and informed – He is the supervisor of the covert China-made Murano glass trade in Venice, Sir!
Words ~ 97

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.