Devil’s Residence

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PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham
Dom – Where does God live?
Friend#1 –  In the wide cosmos beyond this planet.
Dom – Where does the devil live?
Friend#2 – On this planet!
Dom – Where on this Earth?
Friend#2 – He is fairly ubiquitous.
Dom – That may be true but he specifically haunts the steering wheels. As soon as a human lays his hands on the steering wheel – he gets the surge of power that infuses a sense of being all- powerful.
Friend#1 – Explain?
Dom – Review road traffic accident statistics, harsh traffic and licensing rules and examine the newspaper-archives for road-rage crimes – all your doubts shall soon dispel.
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The Hidden Stairs

Myths, folklore and things that speak in symbols can be interpreted in so many ways. Often the actual image is clear enough but the interpretation is infinitely blurred, a sort of enormous rainbow of every possible color you can imagine. ~ Diana Wynne Jones (British writer of fantasy novels).
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Nobody knows when and why the staircase was built. However, it was hidden in a dense forest and people outside had no knowledge of its existence.  Deep inside the forest, nearly 2000 people lived in 10-12 villages. Till very recently they had no contact with the outside world and could meet their needs through their skills and knowledge – garnered over many thousand years.  They attribute their good luck to the fertility shaft –  the official staff of the tribal chief.  It was a just sturdy living branch of some tree and its circumference was wreathed by glistening green leaves; new twigs sprouted from its brownish golden bark.

A few years ago a team of archeo-ethnobotanists reached this valley. They especially investigated  the fertility shaft and called it a living branch of Kalp-taru*.  One day a helicopter picked them up and they vanished along with the fertility shaft.

Soon the forest withered away and the stairway provides an easy access to the villages to many exploiters.

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*Kalpa-taru is a wish-fulfilling divine tree in Hindu mythology. It is mentioned in Sanskrit literature from the earliest sources. It is also a popular theme in Jain cosmology and Buddhism.

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Cassandra’s descendant

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Peter came from a family of diviners. He saw her for the first time at a formal dinner and recognized her as the one whose portrait rested along the so-called Lycurgus Cup in his attic. He knew that she was the spirit that would lead him to his true destiny.

Peter courted her; and they were soon married.  Within a short time he was advising world leaders.

Unfortunately his in-laws were unhappy as they felt that their daughter had lost her spirit post-marriage. However, her portrait glowed with life and the cup glittered with her incandescence in the attic.

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The exercise of true magic does not require any ceremonies or conjurations, or the making of circles or signs; it requires neither benedictions nor maledictions in words, neither verbal blessings nor curses; it only requires a strong faith in the omnipotent power of all good, that can accomplish everything if it acts through a human mind being in harmony with it, and without which nothing useful can be accomplished. ~ Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim aka Paracelsus


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Close call

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He had cracked the safe in the apartment below and his colleagues had swiped the contents in a trash bag. The alarm had gone off as they were locking the front door. They had switched off the alarm using a newly developed soft-ware.  Obviously it needed some fine tuning. They decided to relinquish the planned exit route and opted for the roof-top and act as the situation developed.

Jim jumped down to the adjoining roof – easily crossing a 1.5 m chasm. Kim also made it. He was the last in the line and he could see the alert alarm response team on the road below. He was on the verge of taking the dive when he noticed one of the team-member scanning the roof.

Years of experience kicked in and he shouted to the team-leader – ‘Another bloody VIP visit?’

‘No, this is about a heist in one of the apartments.’ And they walked on.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Sheldon

One day Prof Clipper, a renowned physicist, got locked out of his office. A student accompanying him offered to fetch the duplicate key, but the Prof gestured otherwise. He searched his pockets and brought out a couple of twisted paper-clips. Next he inserted them in the lock and fiddled with the lock. There was a click and the lock opened.

The student was amazed and asked – How many paper-clips did you use to make that lock-pick?

Prof – Two

Student – So what did you do with the rest in the glass?

Prof – I used them to model 3D quantum structures.

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The flood

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Ram, a villager stranded with a few others on a sliver of land encircled by flood waters – decided to climb a tree to see if he could spot a rescue boat. There was nothing that even resembled a rescue boat.

He looked down to communicate but the raging waters had swept everything away. Ram was now truly struck on the tree. He resolved to get down from his perch. Once again he looked down for suitable bough or fork – only to find the large snake slithering in the branches just below him.

A rescue boat soon reached the spot and one of the rescuers assured him that it was a non-poisonous harmless snake but Ram refused climb down.  The rescuers had to shoo the snake away from its comfortable perch before he finally climbed down.

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Ten times more people die in car accidents as compared to those that die from snake bites globally.  Yet we are extremely cautious of snakes and handle cars so casually.

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Urban divide

Conflicts rather than outright wars are the norm today. Often a lot of violence is involved in these conflicts. It involves civilians (and not the armed forces) and arise from within the cities.
Structures that promote division of city population promote conflicts and violence.
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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The arch-way was constructed to provide a shaded path to the royals. Some 100 years ago, the revolution forced the royals to flee.

Today the rich live near the old palace while the poor occupy the other end of the city and they still serve the old and the neo-rich; and it breeds dissatisfaction & conflict. The divisive arch-way is crumbling but may last for another century. A man-in-green continues to plant ficus-seeds in the crevices.

He hopes that the seeds take roots and brings the arch-gate down. It may unify the citizens.

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