The Miracle

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PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The old man sadly watched the sterile sea that was once full of life and provided him with a livelihood.  Suddenly he noticed a figure dressed in green dive into the waters. Another suicide – he thought; and dived into the corrosive waters.  The man vanished soon and he realized the futility of his action.

A fortnight later a school of local fish in the same waters surprised the old man. It is a miracle.

That night the figure in green visited him in his dreams and declared I am Elijah the original green one.

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The first oil spill occurred at Isle of Sicily in 1907 and the most recent one on the 19th of this month.  Refugio State Beach, California.  Huge amounts of oil and dispersants have been poured in to the sea world over.  Amazingly the seas of the world continue to have life.


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The missing ……..

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ for our photo prompt!

Is it really Napoleon?  Jack asked the guide.

The cause of Napoleon’s death, his burial and shifting of the sarcophagus containing his remnants are subjects that fail to die down.  The guide replied in monotone.

You have been here for some time?

My father was the guide here before me.

Oh! Then what is the truth behind all these tales?

I do not know, sir.

Or you do not want to reveal it.

You may interpret it as you like.

Jack persevered and convinced the guide to talk. He was told that the stories were  not true.

So the sarcophagus does contain Napoleon’s remnants?



The real remains are somewhere in the east. They were stolen during  one of the transfer of his body by a black-magic martial group.

How do you know?

This one’s penis is intact.

So ….

An abbot, while delivering last rites, lopped off Napoleon’s penis.

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The current whereabouts of Napoleon’s penis is still a matter of some dispute, though by most accounts it is in the possession of an American urologist named John Kingsley Lattimer who paid $38,000 for it at a 1969 auction.

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The long wait

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll. Thank you JHC.

Noah waited 120 years before the predicted rains arrived. Abraham waited 25 years for a promised son. Joseph waited 14 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.  

She had waited each day for the last 6 years in this room to meet him for ten minutes. She would not come back tomorrow. It was his last day here and she expected him to come out soon. But he did not come.  His incarceration was extended.

Next day she was back in her seat waiting to meet him for ten minutes.

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Nature of time

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Our interest in dinosaurs was rekindled by Crichton’s novel and Spielberg’s film – ‘Jurassic park’ in the initial years of last decade of last century,   surprisingly the public interest has sustained.

In a linear time scale the dinosaurs and humans are separated by a time span of many million years – than why this sudden interest on the part of Crichton or Spielberg and the common man on the street.  The circular model of time is now conjectured to be more accurate.  If this is applied to the problem at hand then the dinosaurs not only have preceded us but are also lurking in our future; and that future may just be round the corner.

The Professor of Physics was lecturing on the ‘Nature of time’ and moved on to the next slide that dealt with the ‘chicken or the egg’ causality dilemma.

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True Blue

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Nearly 40 years ago waste water from a recently commissioned geothermal power plant formed a pool here.  The hot water pool attracted bathers and then the rumors started that attracted others. Soon the place was overflowing with tourists.

Parts of ‘The Blue Lagoon’ a sexy and salacious romance was filmed here.  The tourist industry cashed it and helped spread the rumor.  They even built a gaudy night club where one could enjoy  amazingly gratifying sex with extremely desirable humanoids.

Post Viagra there was dip in the tourist trade but frequent upgradation of the humanoid software keeps the place humming.

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by S. Writings. Thank you S. Writings!

Post 9/11, the firm used all the tools in its kitty to track down the terrorists and their boss.  It was not an easy task  using only ELINT and SIGINT. There was an urgent need to bring in HUMINT and this was near impossible because of social and cultural milieu at their epicenter.

The mandarins that dwelt in the darker recesses of the firm identified potential sources deep in the enemy territory and devised ways to build bridges to them through their agents using local culture and practices.

Foreigners posted to the country were recruited and they took great interest in the indigenous truck art. Some of them went to such extremes as to get their cars painted with landscapes or mountains, waterfalls, flowers, animals and other local motifs.

This helped the agents develop a rapport with the locals employed in transport sector and collect first hand information. It  was the core that later resulted in raid on Abbotabad in 2011.

car art

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

PHOTO PROMPT – © Roger Bultot. Thank you RB.

Flock of birds is a veritable Rosarch inkblot test for the imaginative.  It has spawned diverse ideas like a music score sheet, search for Simorgh, attack on human beings and many more.

An environmentalist would observe that such gatherings are now becoming rarer because of ecological degradation and presence of poisonous substances in our food chain that has depleted the number and species of birds.

This prompt gives me the feeling that this time Ms RWF ~ our wonderful hostess  desires to delve deep in the psyche of Friday Fictioneers through her agents perched on those cables.

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