Tangible spirits

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© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits.”

The only residents remaining in the small town of Miner’s Hill are spirits. Here the children are born with a decree of early death. Mining has poisoned the air, food and even water of the region.

The mining company started its operations in 1960s. The insignificant hamlet grew into a small town by mid 70s. The first spate of deformed babies was born in 1979 followed by a surge of persons diagnosed with leukemia in early 80s.

People protested without respite till the apex court took suo-moto cognizance of a report published in an environmental journal. Unfortunately the case was transferred to a bench with different set of judges and awaits a decision.

The elderly succumbed to ill-effects of radiation and the children failed to live up to their teens. The few able bodied slowly dribbled out of the town. Today, the malignant spirits of the yellow cake reign over all life in the region.

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The prescription

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Milano believed that there was a supernatural short-cut to all his problems. His nightly performances deteriorated as his vices increased. His millionaire wife kicked him out.
True to his beliefs he landed at the feet of a phony-seer. He narrated his woes to him and asked him for help. Each session with the seer cost him 100$. After four sessions he advised him to get a certain type of house plants …..
“Collect the perspiration from the leaves and mix the ingredients as described in this pamphlet”.
“You are sure this will help.”
“If you do exactly as directed”.

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A new movement in science.

Prompt –

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.”

The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out for more detailed studies. The senior geologist was studying the screen as one of his assistant brought in a newspaper and pointed to a news item – ‘Geophysicists blast their way to the bottom of tectonic plates’, he read ….. Earth has moving plates below the surface is well known, but it is not clear what actually moves the plates. The Angel-flame team has discovered a thin, low-viscosity layer at the base of tectonic plates. They used dynamite on the sea-floor and then studied the plates through high-resolution seismic imaging’.

Turbulence on the screen distracted the scientist, he picked up the communication pad and said, “Captain Miller turn around and try reaching the pacific shore as fast as you can – an underwater quake measuring 12 shall strike the sea floor in a few minutes.”

Their memorial service triggered a movement for responsible science.

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