Tick-tock pebbles

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This week's photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller's Abode. Thank you Louise!

Blacksmith Jones looked forward all day for the newspaper. He scanned for the news of the war but the head line caught his eye and he read about the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. It would aid in the construction of a continental railroad and telegraph line. It said that Lincoln and his Union promised it would stretch from the Missouri river to the Pacific-ocean. The blacksmith jeered mentally and searched for the war-news.

However, the word ‘telegraph’ nagged at him. He did not understand it. He enquired about it and followed it up.

A decade later, his son Dick prided himself on being the fastest telegraph reader and transmitter using a code called Morse.  On his first day at day at the job the blacksmith had presented him with a new suit and a time piece from an old wooden box.

What are those pebbles,  Pa?

I shall tell you  – before I die.

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What a waist

This is a follow up of my earlier post on the same prompt.

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The human trials of Wasparin the slender-waist-drug derived from yellow-jacket hornets gave promising results initially. The volunteers lost fat from their waist and attained the ideal hip-waist-ratio.
The fashion-industry looked forward to its successful outcome and strategized their products and marketing campaigns around the ideal waist size of 24 inches for women and 29 inches for men.
The cardiac-industry declared high hip-waist-ratio a risk factor for heart-attack.
Unfortunately adverse drug reactions surfaced at this stage. More than 90% of the volunteers suffered from benign bilirubinemia – characterized by yellow skin and intense itching.
‘This is the Hornet’s ward.’  commented Alec Smart.
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Stars & Destiny

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ.

Funky and Munky were yin and yang of comedy.  They made audiences laugh irrespective of the stage they were performing on. The duo successfully transitioned from stage to film and television over time and they made a lot of money.

They built a mansion for themselves and while it was being built they met a Vastu expert. Vastu like Feng-shui is the Hindu method of harmonizing residential structures to the different forms of cosmic and earthly energies for a happy and prosperous existence on this planet.

The Vastu expert inspected the building and asked for their horoscopes. He consulted an astrologer friend and advised them to stop the construction at once.


Coz you both will die a terrible death if this is completed.

What other options do we have?

None that I can think of!

I can make it worth your while, if you can suggest one!

Unfortunately, I do not think anything will work.

Munky consoled Funky and they shifted to their new home and never removed the scaffolding.

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PHOTO PROMPT - © Adam Ickes

PHOTO PROMPT – © Adam Ickes

In spite of his toothy grin and glinting eyes Mr Magar did not look friendly. He had been around for a very long time – before the walkway had been built. Things had been different then. Occasionally he would remember those times with nostalgia – specially for the variety of food that was available then.

He is not aware that the walkway would  soon be dismantled but the old days would not return.

The greedy profit makers had already taken him and his tribe in to account for what their skins and body parts would fetch.

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This is essentially a continuation of my previous post on this prompt featuring Mr Magar.


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A little known football player

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan.

The prompt reminds me of a group of boys playing barefoot-football in rural pastures while looking after their herds of cows/ buffaloes. Though, a game of cricket with a makeshift bat and wickets is a more common site nowadays.

One such boy was Gostha Paul, born on 20, August, 1896, at Bhojeshwar, a small village of Faridpur district (now in Bangladesh). Gostha got introduced to the game of football in the Kumartuli Park and and joined Mohun Bagan club after his family shifted to Calcutta.

He was instrumental in the victory of Mohun Bagan against the Yorkshire Regiment and the club became the first Indian club to lift the IFA-Shield in 1911. The Indians, who had never won against the British, suddenly realized they could defeat the English.

Gostha became a nationalist symbol on the football field because his powerful tackles against the British players destroyed the myth that Indians are physically weak.


In 1998 a postage stamp was released in the memory of this boy.

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The origin of your drink

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Copyright-Ted Strutz

Dom peered at the shelves in the pub. He was searching for his favorite JWB. Suddenly he realized that there was not a single name he was familiar with.
The bartender knew that look  ………. ‘what is your pleasure today, sir?’
I would be happy with a large JWB!
 We do not serve that type of alcohol, sir!
What kind do you serve here?
We do not serve alcohol made by fermentation. All alcohol here is derived from ethene through cracking of crude oil.
———— You mean you serve alcohol made from mineral oil.
Yes sir.
Dom walked out.
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This is my third post on this prompt. May be you would like to visit them as they are indirectly related.


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The millionaire

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor.
Mr Mulligan is not a millionaire but aspires for it.  Inspired by this photo he organized the first horse and car race on a modified horse raceway. As always his friends hooted with laughter – his fantastic ideas were a constant source of mirth among his friends.
Fortunately, Mr Mulligan had thought this one out – a good car is faster than a horse on a good road. The top speed of a race horse is around 40 mph for a few miles. However, horses can go where cars cannot and so would be faster if there were obstacles on the raceway.
The event was watched by a few thousand persons but millions gambled on it on the net and only a few of them backed the horse.
Mr Mulligan and his cartel of bookies made a packet. He sold the idea to a company that developed it into a web game.
Mr Mulligan is now a millionaire many times over.
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