The Fisherman

The man was unemployed and an avid fisher. It had begun as an escape from constant nagging (the small riverside town did not offer real alternatives)  and turned into a daily ritual. Unfortunately he never caught any fish. His small inheritance assured him and his wife a life but no luxuries.

One day his wife had a spat with the fishmonger and came back empty handed as she was not ready to pay the price he asked for the measly chunni fish  (very small fish). Bigger and more edible ones were all more than 200 rupees a kilo. A spark of an idea set her mind aflame  …….if  the old man (he was just 35) caught just one fish every day…..   it would mean  Rs 100 – 200 may be more; 3 to 4000 per month. There were so many things she could buy and add little comforts to her life.

The idea kept brewing and finally one day she issued an ultimatum to her husband. He had to catch a fish every day or he had to stay out. The man pondered and pondered ……  how to do it – he had never caught any fish in spite of his daily routine of 15 years.


He felt his line going taut and he tried to remember all the tips written in the fishing book (bought from the kabaadi). His hands ached and instinctively he knew …… he was going to loose this fish too –  he will have to sleep in the open without dinner.

It was time to be resolute  …… and he waded in to the river. The fish was real big one and it kept slipping …… finally he got a hold  … it pumelled and flailed at his body but he held on with all his strength. After a long time the fish seemed to go flaccid ….. and he carried it on his shoulder ashore …


The bed was in shambles. He was holding his wife’s flaccid body by her neck. He had killed her in his nightmare.


Getting an Idea is not always a good idea!


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