Just a perspective !

I was browsing through my old posts at Froppers and came across this one. Normally I avoid posting texts here …….. just a reluctance because  most people post very impressive and targeted matter here and not just free flowing yarns that leave much to your imagination. However I could not restrict my urge to share this one here.


We all are story tellers and we all know how to  “spin”  facts relating to our daily lives – that suit us best. If it were not so we all would be a dejected and depressed lot for if we  examine those facts in neutral bright white light – the shadows are often too long and tend to present us in a way that is often not very complimentary.

Stories that have a strong theme, a fascinating plot, a fitting structure, unforgettable characters, a well-chosen setting, and an appealing style are most liked but I believe the ones that show us a different perspective (one that goes unappreciated) are often those that leave a lasting impression.

Once long time ago I told Dua, a childhood friend, that I did not believe in future ….. as depicted in the concept of eternity.

He smiled and retorted – what if eternity is something very different from how we view it – what if it is not the vast stretches of time and space; what if it is a confined space like the attic – dark gloomy and full of roaches in all corners.

If my wife had not divorced me a few months earlier I would have shouted – Honey, Dua has just shrunk the eternity.

Ideally that should be the end but I feel compelled to tell u all that shortly after this Dua suffered from a mental break down and was confined to a padded cell. Don’t know if it was dark, gloomy and full of roaches.

Since then I assiduously avoid tempting fate and never reach out to tweak her nose.

re blogged from an old post of mine  http://www.fropper.com/posts/86410

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