Trifecta: Week Sixty-Four ~ Dwell

‘We sponsor the Girl and the Guy ….…. and they will respond to any name you wish to use and are whoever you wish them to be ………. both of these can take anything you care to dish out and considering how difficult it is for a man/woman to fulfill their needs …….. it is a marvel of the 21st century and perfectly legal.

Write us a check for a period of your choice, and you can enjoy the favors of Girl or the Guy for that period. If you wish, the door can be sealed to open only from within until the lease expires. The rental includes exquisite food and drink of your choice ‘

The agent continued,  ‘Our fee is very reasonable compared to the great happiness within your reach. It is a mere …… per hour’

The Girl materialized and smiled provocatively. Shail decided that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was all things desirable. She was wealth, fame, happiness, health, fortune. For many years Shail had been conditioned to desire all these impossible goals and he knew that the Girl was the epitome of them all. He had never imagined her like this – in the same room, firm and real, breathing and warm, holding out her arms….
It was a perfect projection. All tactile and sensory elements complete to the last detail. Shail could smell her perfume. He could feel her caress and the light brushing of her hair over his hand, and the shape of her lips. Shail’s mind wandered back in time to his most pleasurable erotic moments buried deep in to his subconscious. He could feel all things that thousands of other men down the centuries had felt on such occasions. He realized that this could be an ultimate opportunity – and he could easily afford it.

Shail pushed away the technological marvel and got up. He wished to dwell on it ……… rather the trial period he wanted.

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21 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Sixty-Four ~ Dwell

  1. ah, i admire your imagination… isn’t it fascinating how people would choose to settle for a flawless figment of imagination than the real thing?
    intriguing story ^^

  2. Unique use of the prompt-loved the imagination as well as the fact that the protagonist decides to think it over than give in to the temptation:-)Very well written:-)

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