Spritually superior (Friday fiction ~ Mar 1, 2013)

Copyright - Beth Carter

I wonder if cars have an ego? They have a personality so it seems logical to think they have the id, ego and super ego too.

Dom’s (an old friend) car, like all those who come in his close contact, has a bruised ego. This poor car has also suffered. It has not only lost its ego, it hardly has any id or superego left.

Dom is a Hindu and believes that those who renounce all selfish desires and break away from the ego-cage of “I”, “me”, and “mine” are truly evolved.

Spiritually this is a very superior car. 

English: An example ego network.

English: An example ego network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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43 thoughts on “Spritually superior (Friday fiction ~ Mar 1, 2013)

    • 🙂 Yes ….. they do. My car has a fondness for being picked up. The police have picked it up at least thrice ( for being found in places where no respectable car would want to be seen …… wrong parking)

  1. Well I see it as quite the opposite, instead of not having any id I think this car has a lot of id, like a lot of character, look at this car! it looks so LOVED lol. Its got photos posted up on its door, decorated with necklaces hanging. It looks like a bedroom ^_^ to me the owner of this car would say to it “Its me and you baby, against the world” or he would say “Everything I will ever need, is in my car”

  2. Great story – I have plenty of spiritually superior items in my house!
    Being critical, I didn’t like this bit: “Dom’s (an old friend) car” – but I struggled to make it better. If you spoke it, you’d probably say: Dom, an old friend’s car – but that’s odd too. Maybe, ‘my old friend Dom’s car?’
    Just a thought – it jarred when I read it so I thought I’d get picky. Still a great story, though 🙂

  3. Dear Yarnspinner,
    You’ve spun another goodie. All my cars have had personalities., that’s why I name them. 😉
    On a practical note, for what it’s worth I don’t think you need (an old friend). The car is really the MC of this piece so knowing who Dom is is a bit distracting…at least to me..
    Again, entertaining and unique story.

  4. I think I’m driving such a car at the moment! It’s on loan to me from a well wisher. She doesn’t want to sell it to me. Not home made but characteristic dents and scars of the very long journey it’s been on. Glad to be able to have the use of it!

  5. the psychology of cars and their owners is quite interesting. well done.

    here – “I wonder if cars have an ego?” this isn’t really a question, so you don’t need a question mark.

    here – “…ego-cage of “I”, “me”, the commas should be inside the quotes, although the brits tend to leave it outside. not sure which side of the ocean you’re on, so that might explain it.

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