Trifecta: Week Sixty-Seven ~ The Juggler

She had a can of mace, a knife and a locally manufactured pistol in her handbag. The queue was crawling but it was her turn now.

The pre-boarding security check up shall test all her skills.

She entered the security cabin her hand bag slung on her right shoulder and her jacket on her right forearm. She expertly juggled the velvet covered mace can emblazoned CLIVE CHRISTIAN, a small silver pistol and a rectangular cigarette case that contained the folded knife with her left arm .

The security officer was stunned yet could not suppress a smile as she stumbled and caught the pistol but missed the other two objects as these fell down and rolled out beyond the barrier.

“You are not allowed to carry fire arms in the air craft,” security officer admonished her.

She flicked her thumb and a small flame erupted from the silver pistol, “this is just a lighter” she replied.

“You are also not allowed to carry lighters or matches” the security officer was enjoying the break in monotony of patting down over weight passengers.

She pulled a glum face “it is solid silver and is dear to me, Madam”.

“Well, you may hand it over to the crew and collect it at Mumbai” The security officer relented.

“OK, Thanks”

She underwent the security check successfully and walked out with the slip for her pistol, retrieved her can of mace and the knife case, picked up a news paper and settled down for the boarding call, deliberating on strategies for her next juggle that may comprise 200 packets of pure snow.

words ~265


Handbag (Photo credit: diongillard)

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24 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Sixty-Seven ~ The Juggler

    • You are so right she is all three and audacious. Has to be if she has to survive in her nefarious profession of narcotic smuggler.

      I hope to expand on this some day.

      Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for the interest, sir 🙂

      Airports are such crazy places and often I see/meet people (who may be quite normal in their private lives) but behave quite erratically. This may be true of other places too but the long waits at air ports …… 🙂

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