In search of God

copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

On my way back up the Jacobs ladder, I think of the attic where Leena waits to welcome me home. It was a foolhardy decision to live here. I hope the angels are there to help Leena. She seeks The God.

I urge myself – Continue to climb!  Stop and breathe. I am panting like a dog.

I curse myself for consenting to this esoteric adventure. I curse Leena for her faith in helical inception and higher truth.

Continue to climb!

I now seek God in my worn out arm chair and a hot cup of tea.

 words ~ 100


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20 thoughts on “In search of God

  1. I’m not much of a physical climber. I think I’d rather do what the narrator does and “seek God in my worn out arm chair and a hot cup of tea.” Nice!

  2. I felt this was excellent on multiple levels, the description, and the contrast between someone of faith to someone more pragmatic.

    Maybe she will come down and get him

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