Trifecta: Week Sixty Eight ~ SCs Plans

Supreme Consciousness (SC) sent a message to all the intelligent beings in the universe.

The ‘humans’ are the only intelligent beings that are truly biological and have not been upgraded using electronic, geological, mechanical, magnetic or ethereal means. Although humans are slow learners, prolific breeders, prodigious consumers, poor recyclers and are often distracted by insignificant /mundane issues – they remain the only source of out-of-box ideas for the universe.

Their propensity to dream and pursue their dreams is unique. This is the raw material for new ideas and harbinger of all development. Unfortunately, this specific trait had to be sacrificed during the programmed up-gradation of other intelligent beings.

It is essential to ensure safety of Earth. This can only be achieved by generating a better understanding of the purpose and working of the universe among the humans.

This shall be done through standardized methods. Three of the best intelligences in the universe shall go through a life cycle on Earth along with few etheric beings (who are adept in adopting any shape, size and consistency). These beings shall impart humans with detailed knowledge about the next two dimension – ‘time’ and ‘chaos’ that they do not understand. The etheric beings shall be required for garnering support and overcoming the negative forces on Earth.

This shall also streamline and contribute in the success of human plans of planetary colonization for reducing the burden on Earth.

The message was received by all intelligent beings.

It is time for another Newton or Leonardo or Einstein to return …….. may be all of them together.

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I thank  Sandra’s dream catcher for initiating this sequence of thoughts.
UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer S...

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer Solar System (Photo credit: Icarus Kuwait)

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19 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Sixty Eight ~ SCs Plans

  1. “humans are slow learners, prolific breeders, prodigious consumers, poor recyclers and are often distracted by insignificant /mundane issues” – funny, but true!

    This was a good read, I agree that we need some great thinkers.

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