Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ “And We Danced…”

The Devas were bored fighting with Asuras. They wanted entertainment.

 Lord Brahma meditated and recalled the four Vedas which are the earliest scriptures of the Hindus. He distilled the essence from each of the Vedas – from ‘Rigveda’, he derived the words, from ‘Sama Veda’, he derived the music, from ‘Yajur Veda’, the gesture and from ‘Atherva Veda’, the sentiment. He blended it all with his divinity. Thus, he created an entirely new activity. Brahma named this activity Natya (drama).

Sage Bharat with the help of his sons directed the first play. Vishvakarma, the supreme architect  created a splendid theater in Indra lok.  ‘Natya’ was performed before an audience of Devas and Asuras. In this Natya, the Devas were portrayed as victorious and the Asuras as losers. This led to another altercation between Devas and Asuras.

The great Shiv finally fine tuned it in to a dance form by incorporating his own Tandava in to it. Tandu his disciple instructed Sage Bharat and Mother Parvati instructed him in Lasya (her own dance form).

Dance and drama was then passed on to mortals on Earth and we danced (mostly to the tune of planets).

Another chance to

join divine dance with reverse

orbiting  planets.

Classical Indian dance: the inheritor of the N...

Classical Indian dance: the inheritor of the Natya Shastra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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