Saturn’s sade-sati

Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy

Dom is infatuated with the horse. He wants to buy it at any cost. I know he is incredibly rich now, but I do not want him to lose all the money on handsome horses and beautiful women.

I – This one looks thirsty and reminds me of the one that Saturn  used to teach Raja Vikkramaditya a lesson for insulting him.

Dom – Bull shit!

I – You know the Raja suffered during Saturn’s sadesati.

Dom – Sadesati?

I – Yes, I suspect yours is  soon due ( I knew). Consult your pandit.

Dom – Aww, forget the horse.

words ~ 97

Sadesati starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time of the birth of the individual. It will continue while Saturn transits over this sign and the next two signs, ie about 7½ years. Most Indians fear it.

A natural colour view of the planet Saturn dur...

A natural colour view of the planet Saturn during equinox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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23 thoughts on “Saturn’s sade-sati

  1. This was the totally out of the box and the last thing I expected somebody to write a story tied to raja vikramaditya ! myself being from India could understand the terms used here easily…. Are you from India ?

    a 10/10 for creativity !

  2. Dear Yarnspinnerr,
    I’ll admit this one went over my head. Cultural divide. Perhaps when I have time I’ll come back and check out the link. I’m always willing to learn something new. I think this may be an opportunity.

    • Salaam Rochelle,

      It is because the tale is from a Hindu myth. The link at the bottom provides the tale. Fruther, the concept of sade-sati is also from Indian astrology that is based on lunar calender.

      Thanks for the visit and I appreciate your positive attitude.


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