Trifecta: Week Sixty-Nine ~ Infector

Infector was the most important discovery of mid 21st century. The concept was first published by a group working in South Korea but the technological invention is credited to a Chinese mechanic Xian Ho though the patent is held in the name of Academia Sinica.

An Infector is a device used to infect individuals and populations with meme(s).  A meme is an idea that behaves as a virus that moves through a population, taking hold in each person it infects.  It was initially used to control the capitalistic urges of Chinese people and save the government of that time. Its utility lay in the fact that access to regular transmission channels (like internet and  media) of memes was restricted because these were contaminated with many other memes. The program was barely successful as any student of recent world history knows.

The global do-good community interfered and the infector was  successfully used to empower women, solve boundary issues, and finally to eliminate multiple centers of governance from the globe. It was only in 2260 that SGGC (supreme global governing council) could take over.

In a few days time on  the occasion of decadal anniversary of SGGC,  we shall start dismantling the infectors as these are now considered  a source of  meme-tic contamination.

I have composed this article in contravention to the rule of no-discussion-about-infectors. As a punishment SGGC could infect me with the suicide meme.

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Meme Smiley

Meme Smiley (Photo credit: IsaacMao)

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18 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Sixty-Nine ~ Infector

  1. I don’t know if this is so far fetched!! It’s probably being developed as I type and soon we will have to purchase meme-helmets to we can’t be infected! Funny piece

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