Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Picture Prompt

The picture prompt shows a Saung Gauk being played.

The Burmese arched harp, or Saung Gauk, is an ancient musical instrument, that may have been introduced “as early as 500 AD from Southeastern India, based on archaeological evidence, namely in the form of Burmese temple reliefs that depict a long-necked harp very similar to depictions found in Bengal. Also known as the Burmese harp or Myanmar harp, the Saung Gauk is the national musical instrument of Burma” (Wikipedia).  The harp has 13 to 16 strings, with the neck typically carved out of a tree root. Traditionally the strings were made of silk.

source~ http://dorveille.com/2011/10/17/harp-diversity-the-burmese-saung-gauk/

photo credit ~ National Music Museum, The Beede Gallery.

The harp is often played by women and is used to accompany singing for indoor chamber music, as opposed to the drum and gong based outdoor ensembles. Sometimes the harp is paired with a guitar, piano, xylophone or violin.

Myint Maung from Burma

Strummed Mahagita  on harp

Fathom  your own soul

words~ <220



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