Trifecta: Week Seventy ~ One who flew ….

Nikita and Jai were  sitting in the shabby office of the marriage counselor. They had been bickering for some time. Deepa Singh, their counselor was also at the end of her tether.

We had good times…” he begins.
Name one!” she almost shouts.
He thinks of their house near the golf course, the years of family vacations, the swimming pool he put in at the kids’ insistence.
The first step of his princess…………..
His son’s selection for the republic day parade …………
Not a moment.  She broke the silence. In one of those moods………he thought.

“What about our trip to France? I thought we were happy there,” he tried to be reasonable.
Those were just your business trips, she shouted, I was only along for the ride.
“Well there was the trip to Kodai?

Yes, but that was because your Princess wanted to go, she replied,  You never did anything for me.

It seemed the he was responsible for everything he did and didn’t do, or didn’t do enough of.
His future loomed ahead of him. Thanks GOD the kids were grown up.
Deepa Singh gave up “let’s meet after a week”.

He was little surprised when his wife took up a search for a man she was in love with when she met Jai, the one whom she did not marry. The one that…….. flew away.

He tried not to be glad!

He felt a little sad for her – when she was able to track down this lost love and learned that he was dead of a heart attack in spite of a bypass and had left behind two near destitute widows and five children. 

The next meeting with the Deepa Singh was a cordial one. Nikita was subdued and agreed to try and salvage their marriage

“You are a lucky man”, the counselor congratulated Jai.

He wondered ……….. who was lucky!! 

English: Coakers Walk, KodaIkanal, 1900

English: Coakers Walk, KodaIkanal, 1900 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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13 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Seventy ~ One who flew ….

  1. Poor Jai-to be stuck with Nikita!Hopefully she will have a heart attack & die !This made me wish her ex had been living & she would have eloped with him & found out some home truths about life-a real witch!An interesting take on marriage & how we all look at it from different perspective-one man’s poison is another’s manna?Loved it!:-)

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