The Sunday Yarn ~ Plato Revisited

Once upon a time, in a quiet corner of the Middle East, there lived a shepherd named Gyges. Despite the hardships in his life Gyges was satisfied with his meagre existence. Then, one day, he found a ring buried in a nearby cave.

This was no ordinary ring; it rendered its wearer invisible (reminds one of Mr India). With this new power, Gyges became increasingly dissatisfied with his simple life. Before long, he seduced the queen of the land and began to plot the overthrow of her husband. One evening, Gyges placed the ring on his finger, sneaked into the royal palace, and murdered the king. Finally, he marries the queen and assumes the position of king. (from Plato’s Republic)

The ease with which Gyges could commit murder and get away scot-free was the technological advantage provided by his ring. Just having the ring was the justification for its use ,,,,,,,, same is true for other technologies. 

In economic theory, a moral hazard is a situation where a party has a tendency to take risks because the costs that it will incur will not be felt by the party taking the risk. Also we all have that child inside us who will throw the stone at some thing ,,,, just because he has the stone. 

The windmill gave us a society with the feudal lord; the steam engine gave one with the industrial capitalist and precision guided munitions. Drones have given us a society with perpetual asymmetric wars. The information technology and its fusion with nearly all facets of our life is simply technology reproducing more technology – in fact it breeds like rabbits. 

Now all of us are Gyges ,,,,,,,,, unwitting victims. We neither get the queen nor the throne ,,,,,,, just more technology. 

Did I hear some body say Frankenstein ?



I love arguments

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