Trifecta: Week Seventy-One ~ Old News

Mali, a wholesale vegetable merchant under pressure to repay a loan of Rs 2.5 million, had resorted to black magic to recoup his business losses, through one Santosh Chawan, a resident of  Sindhurdurg, who acted as a mediator between him and a Bengali baba (a tantrik).

Mali paid Rs Three hundred thousand to Chawan and accompanied him with his family of four to Surat and Baroda to get the help of tantriks (roughly translated ~practitioners of black magic) to make currency notes rain from the sky.

The Mali couple was shot dead and their two sons were beaten to death with iron rods. Their bodies were found in the jungles of  Sindhudurg district along with the bodies of   Sanjay Gawane of  Pune, Bala Pisat of Badlapur and Vijay Dudhe of  Satara. These three were also the victims of same gang and had been killed on October 29 in a similar way.

Santosh Chawan, Yogesh Chawan and Amit Shinde were arrested for duping and killing these seven people.

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Photo of Sindhudurg Fort in Sindhudurg Distric...

Photo of Sindhudurg Fort in Sindhudurg District Maharastra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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