The cruising machine

I saw the junk in the porch. The leer on Dom’s face confirmed my trepidation.

 I – What the hell is this?

D – It is a Harley-Davidson.

My jaw dropped.

D – You know that William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson founded the company in 1903.

I –

D – They invented this cruising machine in their previous incarnation in 8th century Baghdad when Harun Rashid was the Caliph.

I – You hallucinating?

D – William Koenig in 1936 even found the battery used to power this. I am sure the Harleys will buy it for a billion dollars.

words ~ 100
Harley-Davidson founders

Harley-Davidson founders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)


42 thoughts on “The cruising machine

  1. A bit of wishful thinking on the part of this fictional artist … for Harley Davidson to buy it! For a cool billion! Nice story, enjoyed the historical perspective.

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