Līgo Haībun ~ Peace

Even today, after five billion years, our planet remains amazingly active. We have nearly five hundred volcanoes and an eruption every two weeks. Earthquakes are continuous a million and a half a year, a moderate Richter 5 every six hours, a big earthquake every ten days. Tsunamis race across the Pacific Ocean every three months.
Our atmosphere is as violent as the land beneath it. At any moment there are one thousand five hundred electrical storms across the planet. Eleven lightning bolts strike the ground each second. A tornado tears across the surface every six hours. And every four days, a giant cyclonic storm, hundreds of miles in diameter, spins over the oceans and wreaks havoc on the land. (Excerpted verbatim from the novel ’State of fear’ by Michael Crichton – author of Jurassic Park) 

This is besides the many wars in different regions.

Conflict is a natural state on this planet. The root of most conflicts is embedded in our primal experience of fear.

Cover of "State of Fear"

Cover of State of Fear

Finishing conflict

Will not  attain  peace for all

Finishing fear shall

Inspired by the opening phrase in the Sikh religious texts, and the first composition of Guru Naanak ~ ikk ōnkār satināmu karatā puraku nirapǎ’u niraver akāl mūrat ajūnī sepàng gurprasād

One Universal Creator, the Name is Truth, Creative Being (personified), Without fear, Without hatred, timeless Image, beyond birth and Self-existent by the Guru’s Grace.   (“without fear” clearly stated)



16 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun ~ Peace

  1. Agree that ‘Conflict is a natural state on this planet..’ The topic has been well-explored and haiku has been well written. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge:)

    • Thanks for coming.

      Peace is state of minimal or no conflict. Fear is the most common cause of conflict ….. fear of life, fear of loss of resources, fear of loss of culture, so on and so forth …… 🙂

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