Trifecta: Week Seventy-Three ~ MMS

She was about 30, tall, slender and with a hint of Chinese in her genes. The jeans and the loose tops she usually wore alluded to a near perfect statistics. She could have easily modeled for a skin product. The jet black hair was flawless though loosely tied in a bun.

Gagan had been fantasizing about her since he saw her a month back at the nearby medicine shop. He did not know her formally but had just seen her around the neighborhood. The fantasy culminated in an erotic dream last night.

It was Saturday and Gagan decided to get his dinner packed from a nearby eatery. He paid for his food at the counter and waited for it sipping a coke on one of the three plastic tables.  A rustle of feet and some chattering was followed by  three girls who took over the table near the window.  She was one of them.

Gagan looked at her and noticed her ivory cheeks turn the color of setting sun as their eyes locked for a few seconds.

“Mrs. Oenerico should have warned me that lucid dreaming has a built in multimedia messaging service on auto.” he thought.


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