Five Sentence Fiction – Angles

The mighty of  this  world are astrologically  those with  angular planets  (planets located within six degrees of the 1,7,4 & 10th house) and those who know how to project  an impression of action and decision.

The angular ones know that there is a method to getting what you want and do not wait for luck; or queue to get ahead.

The lawyer’s daughter had been brought up on the tales of angles the lawyer had exploited to keep his clients out of the clutches of law.

The sun, moon, et al aspecting the various angles in her …….. horoscope ensured that she was never indecisive.

The future is easy to foretell as the lady has developed a distinct appetite for disreputable methods to achieve her goals.

Astrology Illumined

Astrology Illumined (Photo credit: Spirit-Fire)

 Lillie McFerrin Writes


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