The mansion

Copyright -KentBonham

Copyright –Kent Bonham

The house with skull like balconies could only be seen on fogless days. 

I have not seen the inside of the house but know that it has a door opening in to clouds that cannot be opened from inside.

On full moon nights the door opens by itself and the spirits riding the clouds come looking for a human body to enjoy the pleasure of five human senses.

As the mansion is mostly deserted the spirits walk out of the main door in search of humans and take over their bodies.

Alas, I am not sure if they ever leave.

words ~ 100

An old door (20th Century CE), Kashan, Iran

An old door (20th Century CE), Kashan, Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



14 thoughts on “The mansion

  1. Wow, a creepy story to start off my Sunday! It’s funny how the stories have been divided between the beautiful house and the creepy house. 🙂 I like the picture of the door as well. It looks like something you might not come out of again once you’d gone in.

    “Skull-like” gets a hyphen, leaving you with an extra word to use if you like.

    Enjoy your Sunday,


      • I’m left wondering what the cloud-riding spirits look like, whether their motives are benign, and what a spirit-infested human looks like and feels. I really like the ethereal quality of your writing.

      • Ha ha …….. to me the cloud riding spirits are often benign, some are mischievous and occasionally evil.

        The spirit infested human feels looks human and behaves as per the nature of the spirit ……. some make you feel divine, others guide you to your destiny and the mischievous play tricks on you. The truly evil will ………….

        But what is common with all is that the infested human does not have a free will and that is really bad.

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