A small bottle of …..


Copyright-Ted Strutz

Dom: What’s that?

The bar-man smiled mirthlessly, took the little bottle, carefully poured ten drops in to a whiskey tumbler and filled it with plain water using a graded measure.

Dom  took the tumbler, raised it in a silent toast and took a large gulp and then finished the drink…

What is it?

BM: Original Somras.

Dom: It tastes good but that’s all.

BM: Look in the mirror there.

The reflection depicted an exalted Dom

BM: You shall need another dose in week’s time.

Dom: How much is that?

BM: Gratis today, 500 $ for the next one.

words ~ 98

Another take on the prompt

The bar display surprised Dom. Miniatures crystals around each large bottle.

He inquired about it from the bar man and was told that these were (MIOs) Molecular Imprinted Oinos  ~ chemical photocopies of wines/ spirits displayed in the larger bottles.

Dom: What are these for?

BM: Same as larger bottles… for drinking. Want to try one?

Dom: What’s the difference?

BM: These give you the same pleasure at 10% cost. What would you like?

Dom had a JWBlue made from few drops out of a miniature. It was JWBlue. He paid a few dollars.

BM: Try a paper-chew of the same on house …….

words ~ 103

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the prompt.

22 thoughts on “A small bottle of …..

  1. Two takes for one prompt is quite impressive.
    I liked the first story more than the second, though.
    This is the second story I’ve read involving a ridiculously large price for a glass of “magic” drink.

    • I agree. Instant addiction works every time, especially if you have the only drink in town. When I looked it up, it said this drink was supposed to confer immortality so he can buy there forever. I like the bartender smiling mirthlessly.

      (One apostrophe needed in “what’s”.) 🙂


    • Thanks for the visit Linda and Janet.

      I suspect that the business plan may actually exist for the MIOs in second story. 🙂

      The apostrophe has been added. Thanks Janet.

    • True.

      Molecular imprints of chemicals are being developed for diverse uses mainly on polymers, even for therapeutics. Those for popular liquors are still some time away.

      Thanks for the visit. Salaam 🙂

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