Trifecta: Week Seventy-Eight ~ Pedantic

Sanjeev Chitransh woke up – the dream was so real! He knew it was more than a dream.

During breakfast his wife (Karuna) said ‘you know that Incan place – the sun temple reminded me of Konark in a way.

SC: What did you say? The Incan place! The Sun temple. Where did you read about it!
K: I was there with you,  you just don’t notice me!! I am always with you for all times to come! ‘What is this‘, SC thought,  yet he was glad that she had been with him – he felt so lonely without her.

Ganpati his driver on reaching the office carried his briefcase and lunch box to his cubicle. He did not leave as usual but asked ‘how was the trip, sir?’
‘What trip SC retorted?’ Ganapati quietly left but the grin on his face was very telling.

His secretary Sheila winked as she brought his mail. ‘It was good while it lasted- NO,’ and walked out.

His boss Shobhraj called him. They had a discussion about a company business. As he was leaving,  his boss asked ‘where did you vanish from the casino?’

Rakesh, his close friend and colleague was very busy. He smiled on seeing him and said ‘it was fantastic last night’ and disappeared in the CMD’s chamber.

The canteen boy brought his evening tea (Sheila had taken a half day off)  and closed the door with a parting shot ‘wonderful places’.

SC was really confused, “What the hell! Even my bloody dreams are not private”! He just could not believe he had been sharing his dream with all his acquaintances. 

Karuna at home typed –  “A welcome break in our pedantic lives” on the feedback format of complimentary first edition of LDWTC (Lucid  Dream  World Tours – We cater to clusters of 10 to 18).


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