The Sunday Yarn ~ Shortcut

I promised to post an yarn each Sunday. I failed twice in a row. This one is just a day late, courtesy Alastair’s photo prompt.

Copyright Alastair ForbesCopyright Alastair Forbes

The boys often found the woman selling monkey-nuts on the tenth step besides the lamp post.  One day a group of boys, returning from a post-dinner jaunt, stopped to buy some monkey nuts from her.  The woman weighed the monkey nuts on a makeshift balance and packed it in a piece of news paper and handed the packet to one of the boys.  The boy gave her a ten rupee note.

‘No change’ she said in a nasal twang.

The boys too did not have a change. They offered to return the monkey-nuts.

The woman asked them to wait, got up and stretched her hand deep in to the cemetery through fog and then offered the remaining nine rupee coins to the boys.

The boys ran up the stairs shouting Bhoot, Bhoot (Ghost).

Since then no body uses the short-cut between the upper and lower Mall road except in broad day light.

words ~ 152


14 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Shortcut

  1. Kids always let their imaginations take over & this time they took it to another level. I bet she was just a lil ol’ lady trying to make a living.

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