Trifecta: Week Seventy Nine ~ The Dam.

You appear so well read, so understanding, so well behaved and so loving.  I know you are not what you appear to be.  So be prepared for the voting today. I warn you ……..  to do as instructed.

I heard her and kept silent.  All the past insults surfaced and my mind dwelt on revenge  and cold dishes.

The party whip was delivered to me.  If I voted against it my seat in legislative council would be lost forever. If I voted as ordered the government would be saved but the dam would be built and Ramgirh my constituency would be submerged in the waters of the life giving Ram-Ganga.  Five thousand years of heritage would be lost, a million people would be displaced along with an acre of my inheritance and the reminiscences of the small hut where my Ma, Baba and I had struggled to survive.

Later in the legislative assembly, the debate was curtailed by the speaker. Those who were vehemently against it spoke little and diluted their arguments. The speakers from our party roared and harped on development and infrastructure. The leader rattled out figures like a AK47 spewing bullets.

The voting started …….. all for the dam will say aye –  AYE

Count please, speaker sir.

73 for the dam.

It needed 74 for the environment.  Those strongly opposed were also 73. It was my moment of truth.

The speaker asked  each opposing  member to stand up and say naye ….. naye, naye, naye,

My turn. I stood up, looked at the treasury benches …… sought her gaze and stared deep in to her eyes and nearly shouted  – NAYE.

I shall always remember the dam in her eyes. It was adequate compensation for all my losses.

Words ~ <333
Dam Damned

Dam Damned (Photo credit: Lingaraj G J)


14 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Seventy Nine ~ The Dam.

  1. A wonderful tale of strong character, if only more people…. Loved the description ‘… rattled out figures like a AK47 spewing bullets’ – so vivid.

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