The Sunday Yarn ~ Corn Mill

 10 06 June 2nd 2013

Dom took a package tour of England.

The delights of London were marred by rain and a bad cold.

He was taken to visit old castles. At one of these castles he saw the newly restored mill. The mill induced thoughts of industrialization, progress and the once prominent position of England as a world power.

Alas! Dom had a bad habit of analysis. His mind wandered to futile issues of feudalism as droit du signeur,  right of soke, jus primae noctis, poll tax, peasant uprising of 14th century and the many characters of Thomas Hardy.

All was as touted except for a faint rasp from the floor.

A closer look revealed that the floor was paved with querns. These were most probably seized from the peasants in 14th century when self milling of grains was not allowed by the lords.

There were no ghosts as such but the quern stones on the floor occasionally rasped.

Words ~ 155

This is my entry into this week’s Photo Fiction challenge on Alastair’s WordPress site. The picture is copyright of


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Corn Mill

  1. Loved YS! I do so get excited when I read the ‘dark side’ …perhaps I’m weird but this had a very nice chill to it. I did love your Querns (which I had to look up also) not to mention droit du signeur, right of soke, jus primae noctis!

I love arguments

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