The Sunday Yarn ~ A Helping Hand.

13 06 June 23rd 2013

Kaal (death) was given the responsibility of collecting souls. Kaal agreed but was apprehensive that it would be blamed for all the grief. The Supreme Being assured Kaal that it would not be blamed as there would always be a cause behind each person’s demise.

Since then Kaal collects the souls but the blame falls on numerous other causes.

Nowadays, Kaal has been tardy and often fails to meet its targets. On such occasions, the different elements of nature assist it. Water, fire, winds and Earth helps Kaal in large scale reaping of souls.

The Kedar valley  in Uttara-khand, India was recently deluged with heavy rains and floods  that claimed more than a thousand life and left thousands stranded.

No wonder Varuna the god of water is classified as an Asura (demon) in Rig Veda yet worshiped like a Sura (God)

Words <150

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (c. 150 words) based on a photo prompt provided by Alastair’s WordPress siteThe picture is copyright of

Thank you Alastair.


11 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ A Helping Hand.

  1. Wow. I LOVE the way you used the Gods in this (I did Google to see if they were real 😉 )

    What a coincidence that this happened yesterday. A great use of this prompt. Thank you

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