Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Fire


Agni (Fire) loves all its worshipers equally, and so is loved by all of them. It visits everyone’s hearth, no matter if they are rich or poor. It is the mediator between the higher beings and mankind.

While using fire, one must place it in the right direction for different uses. When facing east, the fire should be used for sacrifices to the higher beings; when facing south, the fire should be used for sacrifices to the spirits of the dead; a cooking fire should always face toward the west. It is also a source ofΒ  fun and solace to all living beings.

Fire should be worshiped with offerings of ghee (clarified butter). It has the power to imparts immortality and frees one of all sins at the time of death.

A flame or fire is kept burning during religious rituals as a witness. This is because the fire is the most impartial natural element.Β  It devours all without bias.

Born from fire in loinsΒ 

fire in heart kept me alive

back with nature Fire.

words <220



14 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Fire

  1. Your haibuns are always so rich with fascinating cultural, spiritual and scientific information. Reading them is always such a treat. This haibun is particularly enriching – thanks very much!

  2. I greatly enjoy your written words, always. So much depth and sense of purpose to them. This Haibun an excellent example of your talent and skill as a writer! Highly creative and very well written!

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