Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Dhundh

Prompt…..   Haze (Hindi ~ Dhundh)

All things here have a similar saga;

emerge from one haze to disappear in another.

Where does it begin and where does it end;

no wayfarer knows or comprehends the occult truth.

 This world rests on the eye-lash of a moment;

everything is beautiful till the moment blinks.

 Who knows what may happen the next moment;

each turn a subterfuge on this journey, O’ traveler.

(Non-literal but faithful translation  of the following Hindi Song)

sansaar ki har shay ka itna hi fasaana hai

ek dhundh se aana hai ek dhundh mein jaana hai

 ye raah kahaan se hai ye raah kahaan tak hai

ye raaz koyi raahi samajha hai na jaana hai

 ek pal ki palak par hai thahari huyi ye duniya

ek pal ke jhapakane tak har khel suhaana hai

 kya jaane koyi kis pal kis mod par kya bite

is raah mein ai raahi har mod bahaana hai

                                                                     – Sahir Ludhianvi

Suspended in air

dust particles, water, smoke

mime cosmic ether

words <220



13 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Dhundh

  1. Your haiku was really good. Always enjoy Sahir Ludhianvi’s lyrics and writing. so meaningful. His poems were not limited to nature and beauty, but extended to the state of the country, position of women in the society, poverty and many other subjects.. Thanks for sharing, Aesop

  2. Really enjoyed the philosophy of the song – ’emerge from one haze to disappear in another’. And enjoyed your haiku – love the idea in the last line.

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