The Sunday Yarn ~ Crown Prince Orugun.

14 06 June 30th 2013

Orugun the crown-prince of Noland was a chronophile. He had a Reinmann sun dial that controlled his days. As the King was old and sick, Orugun had his hands full with matters of state.

Cougara, the daughter of an elf-Lord pined for the young Orugun. Unfortunately he was always too busy or sleeping. So, Cougara appeared in his dreams and captivated him. It was in his dream that she learned about his obsession with time.  

Cougara studied the sun dial and then cast a spell and robbed the shadow of the gnomon on the sundial. Orugun was inconsolable.

Cougara lured Orugun to a little cottage in the nearby woods and cured him of his obsession on a large bed.  Finally Cougara, who was 2525 years old married the 25 year old Orugun.

Words <150

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.


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