Trifecta: Week Eighty Four ~ A Veteran

Prompt ~ Crude

They were not young.  They were not in a defined relationship. They were, however, intimate.

Both of them were comfortable with each other.

First time they cohabited, he had been mentally shocked. The six inch, angry red, serpentine scar on her lower abdomen felt like a jute rope.

He ignored it then, the next time and the next time …

They met occasionally and a few years went by.

One night afterwards, he caressed it lovingly. As always he did not ask any questions.

However, the query proved to be heavier than the silence for her.

“Battle scar,” she said.

“What battle?” he asked jocularly.

“Want to know the crude details?”  She answered with another question.

“NO!” He said.

“In one of the battles  ………. of a love war!” She replied peacefully.

Words ~ <333


7 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Eighty Four ~ A Veteran

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  2. Interesting story. I like the description of the scar feeling like a jute rope. Sometimes we bury our curiosity out of respect for the other person. It’s funny that he didn’t want to know the details since she was willing to talk.

  3. I found this is very tender and raw at the same time. Particularly liked the knowingness conveyed by ‘… the query proved to be heavier than the silence…’

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