Trifecta: Week Eighty Five ~ I and Time

Prompt ~ Fly

One day reminiscing about the things gone by,  I asked the old man with long white beard, who everybody knows as Time – “Why fly when you can stroll?”

The old man gave me a pitying look and smiled sarcastically.

“Hey, act your age and slow down!” I persisted.

This time he metamorphosed in to a young kid on a 100 meter dash.

I chased him but soon I realized he was chasing me.

I stopped and turned back to let him catch up, but he took ages to reach me.

I smiled.  “The age finally overtook you!”

“Yes, I let it!” He said.

“Then where is your relativity?” I teased him.

“I let it amalgamate in to space for the time being – so that you may enjoy an occasional stroll.”

He vanished before I could think of an appropriate retort (if there is one?).

Words ~ <333


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