The Sunday Yarn ~ Black Queen


He had known the lady of the statue well at one time. Yet he knew that he had never seen it earlier.  He took another look at the black statue. Some areas seemed to glow in the figurine – the groin, the heart and  the forehead.

He realized that these were the base, the heart and the crown chakras. But, how do I know this, he thought.

Suddenly, he felt a prickle on the nape of his neck. The third eye of the statue was ablaze. He fell down.

A youth was sculpting a piece of ebony. The black queen posed for her statue. Her glorious nudity made his work difficult.

The scene changed and the young man was making love to the queen. Next he saw a sword flash, the youth’s head rolled.

The black queen stared at the unfinished sculpture and all the seven chakras glowed brightly.

 Words <150

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Black Queen

  1. Oh, wow. I love this tale. Such an experience would definitely give the figure great power. In a short time, you provided art, sex, deception, and murder. A most impressive writing feat!

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