The Sunday Yarn ~ Flowers on the floor

16 07 July 14th 2013

Driving through the dark and dense forest towards the castle you get the impression that you are in for something special. 

The entrance to the castle on the inside is designed to look like a grand lodge. Echoes of Freemasonry are built into the very design. The square, compass and the level along with the rose and cross adorns the walls and the doors.

This castle like others has its share of ethereal tales.  Legend has it that a young princess was brutally butchered while  asleep. Her body was dragged from the room, leaving a trail of blood stains on the walls. The stains could not be scrubbed out and the walls were painted depicting the castle gardens.

The tourists flock in to see these paintings. Their USP is, the flowers bloom but soon vanish as if they have been plucked out. Occasionally they are found strewn on the floor.

The paintings are known as “call to the loved one”.

 Words ~160

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction


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