Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Wonder

Prompt ~

 Photo compliments of Penny, copyright © 2013

The weeping women sculptured atop the colonnade represent Contemplation, Wonderment and Meditation.


To wonder at beauty,
Stand guard over truth,
Look up to the noble,
Resolve on the good.
This leadeth us truly
To purpose in living,
To right in our doing,
To peace in our feeling,
To light in our thinking.
And teaches us trust,
In the working of God,
In all that there is,
In the width of the world,
In the depth of the soul.

– Rudolph Steiner


Recreate wonder

to awaken willpower

buried in abyss

words <220


Written for the Līgo Haībun Challenge .


14 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Wonder

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  2. Real inspiration and pause for thought there – well done. We’ll be doing the Honourable Mentions in Dispatches on a monthly basis soon, which should work well, with continued weekly challenges. .

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