Trifecta: Week Eighty Seven ~ Elections 2014, India

Prompt ~Charm

By this time next year India will have a new government, a new PM and may be a few new faces (hopefully sans history of past scams) along with new scams in the planning stage and old problems that no politician wants to let go off (if all the problems were solved – what would be the need of legislators?)

Leading up to the elections is tough time for the many parties in fray. Just drafting a new manifesto is such a tedious process. Thanks to MS Word copy / cut paste ……… the work would be done by a lowly clerk or petty party member. After all what new promise can be added there ……….. all have already been given (blast the media they keep all the old ones in their archives).

An incumbent government hopes that it can retain its power through opening the coffers. Often the distribution of the largesse is so planned that the honorable members get their cut as well as the vote.

However, no party (left, right or center) is sure.

The predictions of astrologers and the psephologists rarely prove to be true in India. Yet it is a time for the astrologers, fortunetellers, charm-sellers and such like to make hay.

For a common man like me it is the best reality show that is being played out on a canvas as big as the sub-continent (unless one is a government servant and is struck with election duty, still there are many consolations  …… like fiscal benefits and pay hikes).

The biggest jamboree is round the corner and as to which party will win – the one who is able to charm about 35% of the voters. It boils down to more than 200 million persons to charm. Quite a task – NO?

 Words ~ <333


6 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Eighty Seven ~ Elections 2014, India

  1. With the broken promises of years past (thanks to the media for archiving them :)) it’s hard not to be cynical about elections. Charming 200 million voters is a big (and costly) task!

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