Trifecta: Week Eighty Eight ~ The Sunday Yarn

Prompt ~Band and the pic below –


Copyright – Alastair Forbes

Haji Mastan,  born Mastan Haider Mirza  migrated to Mumbai  in 1934. Haji joined the Bombay docks (1944) as porter. Unloading cargo that came from Aden, Dubai, Hong Kong and other cities, he developed good relationships with the staff,  officers, and  regular travelers. Haji helped the travelers smuggle items inviting heavy taxes out of the port by hiding them in his clothes, headband or underwear. He was well rewarded.

Haji came in contact with a fisherman-turned-smuggler Bakhia in the mid ’50s and formed a band of smugglers which dealt in gold and electronic items. Thanks to underworld friends like Karim Lala, Varadrajan and politicians who fraternized with him because of his influence on Mumbai’s Muslim vote-bank – he became rich and powerful.

The film industry eulogized him with movies (Deewar and Mukkadar Ka Sikandar) loosely based on his life.

More such tales in offing with recent duty hike on gold,

 Words <150

PS – This is jsut a compilation from net. Also, I have combined the prompts of  Alastairs Photo Fiction and Trifecta week eighty-eight to catch up with the challenges.



9 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Eighty Eight ~ The Sunday Yarn

  1. Ah! The byzantine world of India; with it’s smugglers and traders and intrigue galore. What rich land to mine for story ideas. Thanks for linking up his week. I have the sudden urge to read Rushdie. Thx. 🙂

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