Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Liberation

Prompt ~ Oblivion

When a drop of water falls in to the vast ocean,  is it oblivion for the drop or an elevation of it’s identity?

The non-dual (advaita) school of Hindu philosophy considers the soul and Supreme Being equal in all respect, just like the drop and the vast ocean is essentially water. Liberation (Moksha) is considered as the merger of the individual soul in to the all-pervading supreme consciousness. It is the oblivion of the sense of individuality.

Moksha is to be

free of the cosmic limits

I am Absolute.

words <220


22 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Liberation

  1. You could have not said more in more words. Your writing really fits the haibun format lately. This was superb. I genuinely enjoyed the easy style, as well as the richness of information, which has persuaded e this is real, and very true. Well done and thank you! A real winner. We will be featuring the Honourable Mentions in Dispatches at the end of each month now,which accordingly means haibun writers can of course feature more than once.

  2. I am glad there is no longer a word limit on this prompt…but I still stuck to just a page. I like learning new things. Thank you for teaching this concept.

    I also chose oblivion. But a slightly different representation.

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