Trifecta: Week Eighty Nine ~ Why Vs How

Prompt ~ Weak 

A boy arranges to meet his girl friend for a date, but she does not turns up. The boy is hurt and angry. He is naturally curious and tracks her down and his repeated question is – WHY ?

– coz I missed my bus
coz I was late leaving work
coz I did not notice the time
coz I was distracted
coz I was unhappy about something 
coz I don’t want to see you anymore

Why is often circumvented by how. After a spate of weak excuses, she was forced to state the real cause.

Similarly, our scientists today direct their research towards how rather than why. They seek facts and not the truth.

For example they know lot about the biology and chemistry of live organisms but little about what makes them tick. They know a lot about how the universe came about but little as to why it came about.

Words <220

20 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Eighty Nine ~ Why Vs How

  1. You’ve touched on something intriguing and worth a longer work too! “They seek facts but not truth.” That speaks volumes.

    You always raise unique points of view. Didn’t know where this was going initially but you did a really good job of raising issues. :))

    • Thank you, Jo.

      I hope to take it to its natural conclusion, ie the point where we can understand the motivation of the people doing important work in the field of human welfare (science, economics. sociology, etc). However, I am hoping to address the major issues in small doses …. as and when I can fit one in with the few prompts I participate in. I do not know, if it is the right way or not but I do want to avoid tedious long winding essays. Hoping for the best. 🙂

  2. This really struck a chord with me. Back in my university days, I was always keenly aware of the avoidance of answering the question “why”.

    This was thought provoking and well written!

  3. It seems we’re born with “why” on our lips only to be constantly thwarted in our quest for answers. Maybe we could start building the world we want to live in if we could all go back to our natural curiosity and start asking “why” again.

    • True. Often the why can not be answered only with objective facts and we have somehow lost our sense of truth that can only be felt.
      A fresh start would be good thing.

      Thanks for the input 🙂

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