Trifecta: Week Ninety ~ Dialogue with HIM

Prompt ~ Grasp

Om could feel the serpent at the base of his spine uncoiling. The energy rose up. The heat flowed till the base of his chest and did not rise further. His lower body was now a part of the cosmos, but the upper body was still waiting. He could feel the glory – a sheet of extra-white sunlight hovering near him and he was devoid of it.

He could feel the link coming through. He increased the concentration – it was like pushing the gas pedal to the very floor. Finally he was connected and he knew it. The supreme consciousness was at the other end.

OM – Can you hear me?

SC -I can always hear you!!

OM – Some times I am not very sure ….

SC – Keep the doubt out!!

OM – Can you do something about my boss?

SC – You know I can do anything and everything about anything!!

OM –Yes, yes but about my Boss.

SC – I distinctly remember I gave you the freedom of thought and action!!

OM – Thanks for reminding me, but why can’t you help?

SC – You forget, I always help!!

OM – What should I do?

SC – You are asking me !!

OM – Yes?

SC – Others have decided before you, Try!!

OM – Oh well, if you are with me, all is easy.

SC – Ha ha!!

OM – Are you making fun of me?

SC – No, its divine pleasure!!

OM – Shall I ever know you completely?

SC – Ever is a long time!!

OM – It’s going to take a while ….

SC – Time doesn’t really exist. It’s a matter of faith!!

OM – You mean if I believe.

SC – NO. Just grasp.

Words <333

18 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Ninety ~ Dialogue with HIM

  1. Funky 🙂

    If you are up for a critique (you do say you love arguments!) I would always be wary of repeating words too soon i.e. spine and base both appear twice in the first two and a bit lines. I feel if you repeat a word it has the effect of making you think you’re re-reading a previous sentence instead of it being new. Just a personal thing.

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  3. I think this is better this way. if SC does and decides everything for you, it will take the zing out of our life. We will feel like puppets. nice write up.

  4. Gorgeous description in the first para – the serpent uncoiling – and I really enjoyed the conversation between Om and SC. Loved the line ‘Keep the doubt out!’

    • Thank you, Annabelle 🙂

      I believe it will be frustrating to reach that level with a mind that is fixed on mundane issues of survival here. It is for this reason that considerable preparation is advised by all teachers of such meditation.

  5. It appears that there’s no easy answer no matter the method you choose to you state your case to supreme beings. Maybe they’re just as lost?
    Thank you very much for linking up. Please remember to return to vote!

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