The Sunday Yarn ~ Lunch

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The prompt induces nostalgia for the ice-cream wala and the long summer days that may not have been as idyllic as I remember them. However, I do not wish to wallow in memories long gone. Neither do I wish to delve in to the exploits of Fred Tudor who brought a ship load of ice to Calcutta. I will also not go in to the details of freezing mixtures and how the ice-cream was served at Feast of St. George at Windsor Castle in 1671. More over, I will also not talk of the malai-barf made in winters which many still prefer over available ice-creams. If you are tempted, visit the link below for more such.

Dom and I wait for him each Sunday. For us Mr Paul’s ice-cream belongs to another category of food that is beyond simple ice-lollies. Truly speaking we wait for his ices but also for the decision on our liquid lunch.

The content of Mr Paul’s ice-chest actually decides the cocktail Dom will mix. If he has orange bars, it would be screwdriver in another avatar. In case Mr Paul just has plain vanilla cups – we would have Frozen Mudslides. With Choko-bars it would be Dark Doings – dark rum poured over a large scoop of chocolate ice-cream and so on.

Today is Sunday. Mrs Dom is away. It is certain that Dom would be in an experimental mood and he is simply brilliant with ices and liquors especially if he has access to the kitchen cupboard.


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