Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Perception

Prompt ~
“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

People from any other age would find it difficult to believe in things that we believe in. Today, many of us are prisoners of the mind which in turn is a prisoner of objective facts and social concepts drilled in through multiple medias. Our perception of reality is akin to that of a man chained to the wall in a cave that Plato talked about.

The squat, garlic chewing, peasant girl – Dulcinea appeared beautiful to Don Quixote. Beauty is no more a subjective perception; and it is no longer an imperfection. Nowadays it is an anthropometric appraisal and plastic surgery.

The genius today is a commercial entrepreneur searching for the gene or the chemical that may reverse a tumorous growth. He strives to find ways for people to have a genetically tailored baby, painlessly.  He does not waste his time in answering questions that have no fiscal worth. No, he is no longer mad.

A stunning 35% to 40% of what we spend goes towards interest. This interest goes to bankers, financiers, and bondholders, who take a 35% to 40% cut of our GDP. According to Gallup’s findings, the happiest people in the world live in Panama and Paraguay and the citizens of Singapore are the unhappiest. It gets more and more ridiculous as you go deeper in to affairs of state, environment, health, education, et al. Definitely not boring.

Your thoughts and beliefs

affects the humanity

let them develop

words <240

For details of Gallup ….. 



6 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Perception

  1. I really enjoyed this! You make some wonderful and very valid points. It brought to mind Einstein who was mad in actions to others but inside he was so brilliant. He didn’t work on something for financial gain, he really did want to help humanity and also just discover what his own curious mind sought. There were many before him that just searched for something because they had the feeling to do so. Beauty…we are so absorbed in what we are told or suggested is beautiful instead of looking inside a person. People seek out an image versus a true soul. I could go on and on…sorry. 🙂 I just really loved this and found it fascinating but I digress….thank you for a great post. The haiku was amazing and summed it up for me.

    • Thank you, Anja.
      I am glad you could identify with some of the points I mentioned. I strongly believe in perception on the basis of ones experience as a source of inspiration. I do not deny that objective facts are of importance. As an example I would mention Kekule and the ring structure of organic chemical ( kekule dreamt it). There is a long list in scientific discoveries.

      Appreciate your interest and comment 🙂

  2. Prisoners of the mind. Well said and so true. Is all we will ever see are the shadows on the wall. Shadow puppets manipulated by the puppeteer. The best route to seeing clearly may lie in reason, questioning, thinking. I can’t remember what Plato said. I’ll have to go back and look at that someday. Your post definitely caused a pause for reflection.

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