The Sunday Yarn ~ Tech or Hype?

22 08 August 25th 2013

This prompt reminds me of Salaudin and Richard the Great face-off during the crusades.  It is claimed that Richard cut through a tree trunk with one swipe of his sword to show his might and the capability of his sword.  In response, Salaudin is purported to have just tossed a silk scarf into the air and let it slide off his blade’s edge, cleanly cutting it into two.  Richard recognized that it was indeed a great sword that could cleave free falling soft material without the use of any force.

Scientists from Dresden University have taken electron-microscope pictures of the swords and found that wootz has a microstructure of nano-metre-sized tubes, just like carbon nanotubes used in modern technologies for their lightweight strength. Wootz  (Ukku ~ steel in telugu and kannada language) was imported from India.

King Porus  presented  30 pounds of wootz to Alexander the Great, nearly 2400 years ago. How did the Indians lay hand on carbon nanotubes in 300 BC ?

One of the great Indian Rishis must have time traveled to 21st century  and returned back with a large supply of carbon nanotubes or the current hullabaloo about nanotechnology is an scientific exaggeration.

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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ Tech or Hype?

  1. I think there is a time machine somewhere. We just don’t know about it because every time it is used, it alters our lives so that we have no memory of what happened before it was changed.

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