Trifecta: Week Ninety Two ~ A Snooker Frame

Prompt ~ Turkey

Dom and I were in a rather old and posh billiard saloon that had been in existence for nearly 150 years.

It had adapted itself with times but an alcove with billiard table was kept in pristine ambiance of the lost decades. Enthusiasts of the game came to play and watch. Gloved waiters served the drinks. Betting was illegal but popular.

A snooker game had just begun. One bow-tie played a fine shot off the corner red in the triangle leaving the white cushioned at the top. His opponent could hardly strike the ball; he hit the white with a near vertical cue and left the ball in close touch with one of the reds in the triangle of balls.

The game progressed till the waist-coat and scarf potted a red, followed by a pink and another red. He concentrated on the scattered color balls deciding his further strategy.

Dom shouted – ‘Turkey’.

There was a stunned silence and then many glares towards us. Dom was unperturbed as he knew nothing about the game and had just accompanied me.

The player resumed his game and hit the brown ball. It struck the angle of the pocket and rolled to the opposite cushion. Poor chap had lost his concentration. The bow-tie smiled smugly, chalked his cue and potted a read, followed it with a black and another red. He was just aiming at the black again  and cued before the strike _ _ _

Dom shouted – ‘Turkey’

The house erupted in a cacophony. The bouncer materialized next to us.

The manager came with quick strides and addressed Dom “We have not served Turkey sandwiches since 1948, Sir. Now please leave”. He nodded to the bouncer.

Words <333

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18 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Ninety Two ~ A Snooker Frame

  1. Funny! I love the staid atmosphere, the gloved waiters, ‘betting was illegal but popular.’ And the stunned silence at the first ‘Turkey’.. and the ending – nicely done.

    • Dom is that way. Over the years (tales) he acts outrageously, often making us laugh and occasionally introspect. I suspect he was just familiar with the term Turkey in bowling very broadly.

      Thanks for the read and a lovely comment 🙂

  2. I love how you defined the characters by what they’re wearing. It helped set the old-fashioned atmosphere. One small thing – did you mean “adapted” in the second paragraph (vs adopted)?

  3. Very funny. I’m glad Dom was even-handed in his handing out of praise. I liked the way the bouncer ‘materialized’ – a very sinister move. Great descriptive scene setting.

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