Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Scapegoat

Prompt – Photo of a goat (credit Ese Klava, 2013)

Goats and sheep were the earliest domesticated animals (6000 and 7000 BCE). It is a subject of myths and magic. The goat transformed through the ages from a mischievous, sexual and highly energized Pan, to a nurturing Amalthea; and then to a demon. It is the original fall guy in many cultures.

Goats are gentle animals but  very inquisitive and will climb upon almost anything to survey their surroundings and then poke their nose into anything that looks interesting, landing eventually in to  the frying pan.

mere animal to

Baphomet Capricorn and

the meat in burger

~words <220

hai two



21 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Scapegoat

  1. Thanks for introducing ‘Baphomet’ – I actually had goat meat for the first time a few years back as part of a festival celebration from a refuge family that settled in our area.

    Thanks for visit to my Lilo haibun. Slowly catching up on my reading.

  2. Lovely haibun telling the rise and fall of the goat. I really enjoyed the image in the second paragraph – the goat surveying all below him. And wonderful haiku – the goat’s history encapsulated.

    • Thank you, Sarah.

      i love it when when you all like these small pieces as often i find it difficult to write an imaginative haibun, so just bank on the associations my mind has stored in some corner. 🙂

  3. Hey, I’m trying to catch up here. almost 3 weeks worth. Several things keeping me more off line than on – hopefully mostly resolved now! I grew up on a farm, so am fairly familiar with goats. This was a fun haibun. informative with a very funny haiku! 🙂

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