Trifecta: Week Ninety Three ~ The Jackal!

Prompt ~ Grace (noun)

A powerfully built woman effortlessly dismounted the Royal-Enfield –Thunderbird motorcycle and advanced with the grace of a tigress stalking its prey. Her nearly opaque eyes seemed to absorb all that surrounded her. Her close cropped hair was gelled in to spikes and stood erect against a background of black leather riding out fit. The collar of the jacket was turned up. She patted her armpit and stared through the lighted window.

A  2-button blue pinstripe blazer and a silver gray tie with a pocket square watched her every action through a high powered binoculars from  a black Audi Q5 parked a mile away.

The silence of the scene was broken by a coo of a dove followed by  a deep…burrrrrooomboomboomboom and then a loud whip crack as the lights in other windows were turned on.

Soon there was a flurry of police vehicles in the area.

Next day’s newspapers speculated about  the successor to Ilich Ramírez Sánchez .

 Words <333

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19 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Ninety Three ~ The Jackal!

  1. You painted this so well, I could see it happening before my eyes. Love the grace of the tigress. A really exciting read.
    (Just to be picky, ‘…her each action through a high powered binocular’ would read better as ‘… her every action through high powered binoculars’ and ‘…cropped hair were gelled..’ should be ” was..’.)

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