The Sunday Yarn ~ The Population Debate.

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24 09 September 8th 2013

Year 2035

The discussion on population apocalypse equation was finally buried. Malthus was truly proved wrong.

Cloud-9 has become a material object instead of an abstract sense of well being. Clusters of mini-cities now hover above the earth in 5 mile wide geodesic spheres.  In contrast to the colonization of Australia, it was the good (honest, skilled, hard working and those free of social blemish) people that were allowed to migrate from the overcrowded, polluted, resource constrained world.  Exit visas from the woebegone planet were most sought permission.

The global population receded from around 8 billion to around 5.5 billion, which would decline to less than one billion in next 40 years. The incentive to have a good life on cloud-9 made the remaining people behave responsibly.

Along with the productive humans the industry and business also migrated. This reduced the pressure on Earth’s resources. Relieved from the pressures of human endeavor to improve its life, the planet would regain its pristine glory in a century or so.

Year 2110

The Supreme-Being looked towards the Earth but could only see the halo around it.

“In a few thousand years my best creation would not need me anymore.” He thought.

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