Another Liberty!

Copyright - Jan Wayne Fields

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

CITY OF SPARTA, a steam ship sailed from Calcutta on 20th August and reached US in September 1920.

A man claiming to be a reincarnation of William the Conqueror alighted in the land of liberty to add another dimension to liberty. The passenger was Paramhansa Yogananda author of “Autobiography of a Yogi”. He also started the Self Realization Fellowship with the aim to advocate cultural and spiritual understanding between East and West, and the exchange of their finest distinctive features.

It is because of people like him that the modern practice of yoga is a distinctly American cultural phenomenon.

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  Yogananda beleived that the future religion of the world will be Self-realization. It is both a universal principle and the underlying religion of the whole universe. It was to this universal principle that Yogananda referred when he called his Hollywood church  – a church of all religions.


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


24 thoughts on “Another Liberty!

  1. I may be from Southeast Asia, but I have that guy to thank as well for spreading yoga to the west (the west brought it to us). His book had a lot of gems that made me laugh and cry at times. Thanks for writing this 🙂

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