Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Eden!

Prompt ~ Paradise

Paradise essentially refers to a walled garden – a place where one is comfortable. It is not permanent and is like a pleasant vacation. We all have been told to get out of our comfort zones at one time or another. Adam and Eve were actually kicked out of their comfort zone.

Adam was without desire, care and dissatisfaction. All his needs were met. He lived in a world of eternal spring. The trees yielded adequate supply of sap like milk. The multi-breasted mother goddess is symbolic of this. Eden was filled with a myriad of fluttering, palpitating flowers, but there were no animals. Also there was no death as there was no sexual reproduction.

Simply speaking Paradise as reflected in Eden was still evolving. It had yet to incorporate the animal, human and the higher realms of soul into it. Adam and Eve required to be made aware of their bodies. They were anatomically complete but the sense of I was missing from their psyche.

They had to learn the distinction between self and non-self and all the emotions associated with it. They had to experience anger, frustration, hate and most importantly love if the cosmos was to continue in its journey of evolution.

Love may transport us

to hell or to paradise

a journey unknown

words <220




19 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Eden!

  1. Well written and so very true. Add to this that all written words are interpretive, both the writer and the reader, Eden definitely becomes plausibly implausible (imo) except from the clear perspective of understanding life’s learning lessons more fully. I greatly enjoyed your haibun and haiku, this week! 🙂 xx

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