Trifecta: Week Ninety Six ~ Animality !

Prompt ~  Animal (noun)

The veneer of humanity soon wears off and man is an animal.

It is occasionally seen in the bedroom and at the dining table but it is in front of the monkey’s enclosure at the zoo that it becomes widely manifested. A decade back I saw visitors frequently offer lighted cigarettes to monkeys and enjoy watching them smoke.

Rarely, the legend of Romulus and Remus is replicated though no Rome is built.  Ramu a young boy was found on all fours in the company of wolf cubs back in 1976. He had evidently been raised with them, and had matted hair and claw-like nails. Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity took him under their care and he learned to bathe and dress but not to speak.  At night, he would sneak out and raid the chicken coops. The boy died at the age of 10 years.

I died from the mineral kingdom and became a plant;

I died to vegetable nature and became an animal;

I died to animality and became a human being.

Next time I will die to human nature and lift up my head among the angels.

Once again I will leave angelic nature and become that which you cannot imagine.


Let us endeavor to keep the animal in us in harmony; and not let it overwhelm the other fractions of our beings.


Words ~ 33

I apologize if this sounds preachy.

This is my 251st post here.


18 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Ninety Six ~ Animality !

  1. This is a piece to make you sit up, take note and read again. Loved how you fitted different stories together, from your own observations to Rumi’s quote. Watch the typo in line 4!
    Thanks for linking up and please come back and vote on Friday!

  2. “Veneer of humanity” – great phrase, and it caught my interest right off. I like how you tied in the lighted cigarette observation (people really do that??) with the story of Ramu and quote by Rumi.

  3. I like how you tie everything together, and kind of come full circle. Great quote. It didn’t seem preachy to me.

    It seems like you might be missing a few words. In the second paragraph, I would insert a “the” before bedroom, and in the last paragraph I would insert an “of” in between “fractions” and “our”.

    Nice piece.

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