The Sunday Yarn ~ The Roman Dragon.

Prompt ~

26 09 September 22nd 2013

Dom in one of his earlier births was a roman soldier. He had returned home after a long sojourn from North Africa. He had not received his wages for many months and his last trip had been particularly unproductive.

He felt very hungry and looked around the studio apartment for something to eat. All he could find was an amphora of cheap wine. He took a few swigs but that aggravated his hunger.

Thinking of food he remembered the big egg he had brought hidden between his dirty laundry. He looked in to the corner that was his kitchenette. His lead pan was safe. The chopped wood was still useable though some pieces were more powdery then solid. Scrambled egg was a distinct possibility.

Dom took out the egg and looked for something to break it. Suddenly he detected a crack in the egg. He heard little knocks in the egg and then a baby dragon-head emerged.

Dom kept the dragon for a few days but It grew at an alarming pace. Finally, Dom took it to the swamp and quietly walked away as the little one enjoyed a swim.

Rome had got its own dragon.

Words <200


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Yarn ~ The Roman Dragon.

  1. At least the dragon didn’t imprint like baby birds and see Dom out for further care and feeding!

    Thanks for all your visits. Little ones take up my reading time during the week. ๐Ÿ™‚

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